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Finca el Peñiscal


Our vineyard is located on a mountainside with 17.5% slope at 1020 m altitude. The vineyard was planted with the indigenous variety Garnacha in the winter of 1944. The work was carried out with an iron drill and deepening even in the mother rock in an arduous work of two months. The pattern used was Rupestris de Lot, a vigorous pattern to facilitate the penetration of the vines roots through the cracks in the slate soil.

Extension: 2,54 Has
Planting year:
1.54 ha planted in 1940
0.77 ha planted in 1950
0.14 ha planted in 2010

This vineyard withstands an extreme continental climate with dry and very cold winters and hot summers. The rainfall in the area ranges from 300 to 400 mm by year..

Thanks to the climate and terrain orography it is not necessary to carry out any kind of chemical treatment in our vineyard, cultivating according to strict environmental guidelines, collaborating in the conservation of fauna (rabbit, roe deer, partridge, ...) and flora ( Thyme, rosemary, lavender …)


Latest proceedings:

Year 2016: : The missing vines in 2012 were panted in 2016, joining the two slopes of the estate..

Year 2017:Dryed vines have been removed and holes have been done in these places at 40 to 70 cm deep to remove old roots and fertilizing the soils with natural sheep manure. Holes have been covered again to re-plant next year.



- Latitude: 41º 8´ N - Length: 1º 35´W - Orientation:: N-S
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